Facebook to Outlook skin Facebook to Outlook skin

Discreet office messenger extension for Facebook

Changes and hides the visual of the Facebook messenger page to appear like Outlook email client

Don't be caught using Facebook Messenger on computer in the office. Be Smart. Socialize privately. Hide FB Messenger behind Outlook skin.

Here you should find a link to new chrome extension implementing visuals of Outlook 2016, but this time logo didn't meet Google's rules. I have changed my logo promptly, but they ignore all fixes so it is not possible to republish it yet :-( Not just my problem, whole developers community obviously encounters the same issues... If you were ever wondering why some extensions / androids apps are having stupid unintuitive names and logos, it is because they dont have any other option! Hopefully my extension will be re-eneabled, otherwise I had to publish it as a new item, with some boring promotional pictures just to be sure it wont be taken down again.

Get Discreet messenger as add-on for Firefox - implements Outlook 2010 skin

So finally, I am glad to announce I finished implementing of new version for Chrome containing a skin of the currently newest Outlook - version 2016. I am sorry it took so long, but you know, life was happening.
Now I hope Microsoft won't release newer version of Outlook soon:) Don't worry, if that happens I will keep this Outlook 2016 skin still available.
After an experiment with donations, I am now trying another funding model - skip a cake or coffee today, and get this extension instead ;)
There is still version implementing visuals of Outlook 2010 available for free, but it is for Firefox.

NOTE: If you still have installed my previous extension for Chrome (to resemble outlook 2010), you have to turn it off if you want to enjoy this one - otherwise you will have displayed both at the same time :)

  • Outlook design containing Facebook Messenger context.
  • Pictures are displayed discreetly and shown on demand (mouse over or click).
  • All messenger elements and messages are transformed to be less noticeable
  • Facebook panels are hidden and invisible
  • Preserves Facebook Messenger functionality
  • Create new conversation by clicking onto "New E-mail" icon
  • List of friends in place of emails
  • Open FB Messenger directly using a shortcut within Chrome panel
  • Chat privacy in the office - Talk to your friends and look like you're working hard.

⇒ To be discreet in the office.

This extension applies on www.facebook.com/messages/* urls and www.messenger.com/* urls.
Sick of your boss looking over your shoulder?
Do you have some emergency in the family and need to be easily contactable while you are in the office?

Hi there, I am a developer from Slovakia working on this extension in my free time, which I don’t have much. I hope this extension will help you to keep contact with your kids, family and friends, while working in the office if you are not luckily enough to have an understanding boss.

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Extra notes:

Implements visual of Outlook 2016 email client (for Chrome). For a better experience use full screen mode (key F11).
To create a new conversation click onto the area above 'New E-mail' icon.
To turn extension on/off click onto the extension icon in the browser toolbar, which opens a popup window containing turn on/off option. This setting is not synchronized across devices so you can have it turned on in the office and turned off at home.

Purpose of Discreet invisible messenger extension is to resemble outlook email client, when looking on a screen from a distance and display all FB messenger items less visible.
For implementation I used mainly CSS and little bit of JavaScript.
Privacy: This extension doesn't store or access any personal data, it just modifies the appearance of Facebook messenger web page.

Be discreet. Be social. Enjoy !